Colisem Group and Accredi-Train Global provides accredited training which is tailored to each individual client’s specific work environment. Our training methods incorporate practical and applicable examples and simulated scenarios as a way to test and assess learners’ competence while giving them practical experience in the application of the training provided.


This way, the training is thoroughly understood, of a much higher quality and incorporates, where applicable, each client’s individual risk profile and scope of work as a basis for each training session. This Method of training delivery requires the Client’s risk Profile to be used in congruency with our tailored training material in order to produce trained employees and staff who understand the areas of risk they are exposed to on a daily basis.


This entire process has been proven to establish a sustainable HSE culture ultimately improves compliance, reduces incidents and promotes better growth within your business.




About us 



Establish an educational facility, housing appropriately 60-80 learners at the start with the purpose of providing the highest level of Practical, Quality and comprehensive skills development programs
within the fields of Health and Safety, Risk Management, Hospitality, Accommodation and Lodging, Mining, Industrial machinery operators' certifications and several other tailored skills development Programs for our clients.

Endorsements as the leading training provider for HSE Professionals for SA under the SACPCMP as well as SAIOSH. Here